Yashraj Group understands value of hard earned money. You shall feel proud to have invested in ourhomes and cherish the best home building and buying experience. Our every project ensures value for money. We represent quality, exceptional service and price worthiness. Our home is a genius work of well-planned site work. Modern amenities add significance to the skyline of Mumbai. Sense-pampering environment and construction finesse comfort mind, body and soul. We offer unimaginable lifestyle despite city space crunch.Read More..


Hot Properties

2 BHK, @ INR13,000,000 Cr

@ INR2.5 Cr at Kandivali

@ INR2.78 Lac/month at An

2 BHK, @ INR1.8 Cr at Bor

1 BHK, @ INR80 Lac at Bor

3 BHK, @ INR2.65 Cr at Da

3 BHK, @ INR2.2 Cr at Bor

1 BHK, @ INR85 Lac at Bor

2 BHK, at Borivali East

3 BHK, @ INR2.73 Cr at Ka

2 BHK, @ INR1.65 Cr at Ka

2 BHK, @ INR1.3 Cr at Dah

2 BHK, @ INR1.5 Cr at Bor

2 BHK, @ INR1.72 Cr at Bo

1 BHK, @ INR1 Cr at Kandi

2 BHK, @ INR1.45 Cr at Ka

1 BHK, @ INR90 Lac at Bor

1 BHK, @ INR85 Lac at Bor

825Sq Ft. @ INR1.07 Lac/m

2 BHK, @ INR1.6 Cr at Bor

1 BHK@78Lac at Borivali

1 BHK, @ INR1.05 Cr at Bo

657Sq Ft. @ INR60 Th/mont

1448Sq Ft. at Borivali E

1500Sq Ft. @ INR2.25 Cr a

Joint Venture Completed projects

5 storied shopping mall designed with built-up o..

Building having Basement, Ground floor Shopping ..

A redevelopment project of tenanted property con..

A redevelopment Project of self conveyed plot ha..

A project redesign to accommodate existing membe..

 6 story bldg, ready to move flat , immi..



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